Dave Berry, featured on Good Morning America and the New York Times, bravely shares a difficult discovery about his biological origins. His biological father was his mom's fertility doctor, who used his sperm without her consent to conceive him.
There are some even darker details in this episode, as well as moments of once in a lifetime happiness. If you think it's rare for biological siblings in different families to bump into each other, you may be shocked by the story he tells about his sisters.
Dave's resiliency and compassion to help others is truly inspiring. He is speaking out to create a safe space for fertility patients in all 50 states. Listen to this episode of @threemakesbaby on Apple podcasts or use the link in my bio. Watch for Dave's story to be featured in a future Dateline episode.
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In this episode of @threemakesbaby, she shares how her relationship with a growing number of half-siblings has evolved over time, including some of the joys and challenges. Ally shares what it's like to learn of new siblings and how she copes with not knowing how many more are out there. We also confront the idea that bumping into an unknown half-sibling is rare and discuss why limiting the number of families that use a single donor is important.
I know you will enjoy her honest and thoughtful perspective as always!
Parents, if you wonder how your donor conceived child may experience half-sibling relationships in adulthood, you won't want to miss this episode.
It was so great to talk to Ally of @halfofmepodcast again and after two years, she has a special announcement about her podcast!
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Jana Rupnow talks to the woman behind @satricaldonorconception, a lesbian and donor conceived adult.  We discussed one of her posts that caused a stir in the LGBTQ community and talk about some of the complex issues about family building using purchased donor gametes. She confronts the idea of a two parent household as being "revolutionary" and challenges new ways of looking at family building to within her community, especially to consider the needs of donor conceived people, like herself.


April 13, 2022

Stacy’s Success Story

I spoke with the founder of RISE Collaborative, @stacytaubman, about her late discovery of being donor conceived. She is in contact with her biological father, a prominent plastic surgeon, and writing a book about her experience. If you haven't told your child, adult or younger, if they are donor conceived, Stacy encourages it. (You could plan to do it on IDCAD, April 27, 2022)
Listen to our conversation, episode 70 of @threemakesbabypodcast.

Kiara shares her experienced being raised by a single mom and what it was like being told about her story from the beginning.  She found her donor as an adult and has a relationship with siblings conceived using the same donor. She is open and willing to share her story with others. Connect with her on social media: @kiararaeschuh


*I use the terminology the dc person wishes to use.

Emma, New Zealand native, embodies her bio father's motto "Curiosity, Perseverance and Happiness" as she shares her story of being donor conceived and the reason for her advocacy work.



Uprooted offers a personal view of the consequences of secrecy in the practice of donor conception. A prominent CEO, Peter Boni, uncovers a family secret that both validates and disrupts his life. Combing his extensive research of the early practice of donor insemination with his own genetic discoveries, Boni reveals the questions, uncertainties and confusion he faced, as well as the exhilaration of connecting with genetic kin.


Boni provides a detailed history of the practice of donor conception, walking us through the social, legal and religious climate that encouraged secrets in reproductive technology and stunted the advancement of our social narratives.


Secrets are no match for personal determination and the universal need for self-discovery, no matter what age. Boni doesn’t stop his search until his deceased parents’ secret comes to light.

Tiffany shares her story of paternal loss, how it has shaped her life and how it fuels her advocacy work for donor conceived people.

Freya shares her experience being raised in a two mom family, connecting with her biological father and parenting her donor conceived daughter, Birdie, with her wife.   



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